GraceSpace Happenings Coming Soon!

Every week:

Sunday School, Contemporary Song Leaders Rehearsal (10am), and coffee fellowship are a part of GraceSpace every week.

GraceSpace is a dedicated time for fellowship and education between services on Sundays.

Below is a sampler of what we were up to pre-pandemic during this time. Back in Fall 2021!

Feb. 23: What's New with Bethel Horizons Camp

Presenter: Molly Czech, Program Director

Get more deeply connected with an ELCA outdoor ministry partner just down the road from Dodgeville. Find out about their arts and nature programs, retreat options, employment opportunities for young adults, plus what's going on this summer, including camps for younger children.

Mar. 1: The Apostles' Creed: A Closer Look

Presenter: Pastor Mark

We recite the Apostles' Creed at baptisms, when confirmands profess their faith, and on a good many Sundays simply as part of the liturgy. Why is having a Creed so important and how was it decided what should be included and what could be left out? Why are there subtle differences between versions of the Creed, like the change from "he descended into hell" to "he descended to the dead" in our newest hymnal? We'll dig into these questions and others in this session. An ideal warm-up for Pastor Mark's "Heretics" series starting March 15th!


Mar. 8: Campership Brunch All-Church Event, Fellowship Hall


Mar. 15, 22, 29, Apr. 5: Heretics: An Exploration of Early Christianity's Most Infamous Errors 

Presenter: Pastor Mark

It is often said there are no new heresies in Christianity, only old ones that keep resurfacing. In this series, you'll learn about some of the teachings the church determined early on were out-of-bounds and even dangerous to the faith. You'll probably even discover you have a "favorite" heresy but just didn't know what to call it! Think of this as an inside-out catechism class for grown-ups--we'll learn what not to believe and in the process discover how generous

and roomy the orthodox Christian tradition really is. Participants are

encouraged to read the short book Heretics for Armchair Theologians by

Justo González and Catherine Gunsalus González, which features humorous

cartoons to help all the visual learners out there.

Note: Books for this course are on sale in the Gathering Area

for $15 each. Pick up yours today along with a reading schedule.

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