GraceSpace Happenings This Fall!

Every week:

Sunday School, Contemporary Song Leaders Rehearsal (10am), and coffee fellowship are a part of GraceSpace every week.

GraceSpace is a dedicated time for fellowship and education between services on Sundays.

Special opportunities for adults to learn and connect:

Sept. 29: Our Summer North Shore Servant Adventure

Presenters: Grace High School Youth

Last June, Grace sent eight high schoolers and two adults to Camp House near Brimson, Minnesota for a week of service and outdoor adventure facilitated by Green Lake Lutheran Ministries. Participants will share pictures and stories from their trip, telling how they put their faith into action for others and how they experienced God along the shores of Lake Superior.

Oct. 6: "God's Work. Our Hands." All-Church Day of Service

In conjunction with the service projects going on all weekend, we'll feature some cross+generational activities you can do for others in-house, together with our Sunday Schoolers, between services. Stay tuned!

Oct 13 - Nov. 3: Faith Ignited: An Introduction to the Adult Catechumenate

Are you interested in learning more about what it means to be a Christian in today's world? Are you looking for ways to deepen your faith? Are you curious about how God is at work in your life and in our world? Beginning October 13th, Vicar Heidi will be leading a four-week series focused on the Catechumenate, an ancient rite of adult faith formation. The first week will serve as an introduction to the Catechumenate. The second week will focus on the basics of baptismal living and what it means to be a baptized child of God who "walks wet" in daily life. The third week will be a cross-generational event, in conjunction with the Bible Milestone, that will allow participants to dig deeper into God's word. The final week will focus on discipleship and the connection between what we do during worship (our liturgy) and how we live our lives of faith.