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We remember those recovering from illness or accidents, or with special needs:

especially, Bob Buck, Judy Dobson, Peter Huebner, Jan Jackson, Darlene Lindeman, Eudelma Olson, Gary Schill; Jay Anderson (brother of Deb Villa), Doug Broaden (brother of Brad Broaden), Ted Chitwood (friend to many), Barbara Eveland (mother of Donna Heil), Addison Gralund (grand-niece of Terry & Jan Tilleraas), Gwen & Ron Ihle (parents of Suzanne Elsner), David Kaiser (son-in-law of Brenda Judd), Doris Kienitz (sister-in-law to Marie Miller), Rudy Klir (cousin of Mary Curtis), the Liddicoat Family (friends of Ron & Sue Anderson), Dan & Sylvia Limmex (friends of Cheryl Menon), Haila Miller (friend of Janice McMannes), Otto Padovano (grandson of Bill & Leesa Wall), Enzo B. Pagni (great-grandson of Charles Anderson), Matteo A. Pagni (great-grandson of Charles Anderson), Gene Pepper (son-in-law of Brenda Judd), Laurie Peterson (daughter of Russell & Karen Peterson), Richard Reeson (brother of Bonnie Homb), Sari Ripatti (friend of the Engel family), Mark Ruf (friend of Janice McMannes), Katy Vandermolen (friend of Marty & Donna Heil), Ted Witter (father of Julie Witter-Jewell), Debra Worthington (daughter of Dan & Shirley Curran), Liz Yaeger (sister of Phyl Erickson), JayLan & Kori Young (friends of Mary Curtis), Sacia (friend of Ron & Joyce Evans), Anonymous friend (friend of Joyce Widder)

Note: We also welcome prayer requests when a loved one dies. If you have suffered a loss, simply notify the church office or Pastor Mark so we may pray for you in your grief.

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