We remember those recovering from illness or accidents, or with special needs: especially, John Beattie, Millie Blabaum, John Bucci, Bob Buck, Jim Gilmour, Shirley Hartman, Don Hoffmann, Catherine Palzkill, Calvin Simenson, Lorna Stopper, Joyce Von Rueden, Susan Ahrens (sister to John Ziehr), Bill Barnes (son-in-law to Orville & Anna Olson), Charles Beckam (son of Diadra Lyles), Marleen Burns (sister to Phyl Erickson), Lori Cathman (friend to Brenda Cummins), Lillian Davenport (grandmother to Sierra Davenport), Addison Gralund (grand-niece to Terry & Jan Tilleraas), Richard Gudmundson (brother to Gerry Gilmour), Doris Hermanson (mother to Joni Hermanson), David Irving (friend to Ruth Beckwith), Richard Jewell (former member), Donna Matthews (sister to Shirley Curran), Judy Melbostad (sister to Terry Tilleraas), Carla Mueller (friend to Janette Hartman), Tiffany Olson-Frerks (daughter to Brian & Sally Olson), Edwin Padovano (grandson to Bill & Leesa Wall), Laurie Peterson (daughter to Russell & Karen Peterson), Mike Radkey (son to Dorothy Radke), Kim Roble (friend to the community), Katy Vandermolen (friend to Marty & Donna Heil), Michelle Voigts (friend to Cheryl Menon), Elsie Weisenberger (friend to Mary Allness-Philipps), Debra Worthington (daughter to Dan & Shirley Curan), Liz Yaeger (sister to Phyl Erickson), Paul (brother-in-law to Ken & Joyce Von Rueden).

We recognize that every one of us needs daily prayer and that from time to time we have special needs. To have a vital prayer ministry we also need to have our prayer list current and up to date. If there are individuals on our prayer list who have recovered or whose needs are no longer acute please inform the church office.

Note: We also welcome prayer requests when a loved one dies. If you have suffered a loss, simply notify the church office or Pastor Mark so we may pray for you in your grief.

The sympathy of the congregation is extended to the family of Phyllis Hanson (mother to Art Hanson), who died Wednesday, February 24.