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Sunday School

Each Sunday during the Scripture reading and sermon part of worship, Sunday School children are invited to the Grace Center room for a Bible lesson with our Children's Chapel leaders. Sunday School returns to worship after the sermon and reconvenes for family activities and fellowship after the service.


Confirmation class is held weekly on Wednesday nights 6:30-8:15 PM, and begins with the 6:30pm worship service. Confirmation focuses on learning and growing in our faith through service, prayer, and fellowship. Our confirmation program is a 2 year program and is designed to help prepare and equip 7th-8th Grade youth with the skills to continue their relationship with Christ.

Youth Group

High school youth at Grace gather periodically for special events and outings. Some serve as assisting ministers or in other special roles in worship. We focus on group activities so we can create a community that we can serve, learn, and grow.

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