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Hey, thanks for stopping by. On behalf of everyone in the Grace community, I want to offer you a hearty welcome.

Grace Lutheran Church exists for the purpose of filling Dodgeville and this whole corner of the Driftless region with disciples of Jesus. Our members don't glow with holiness or wear special church badges all the time, but seven days a week they are undercover, serving the wellbeing of the whole community, like yeast for a loaf of fresh bread. Whether in business, education, health care, agriculture, public service, the arts, or family life, Grace members strive to love and bless their neighbors in joyful thanksgiving to the One who loved them first...and, we believe, loves the whole world.

To energize us for these callings--and receive forgiveness for the ways we fall short--we come together on the first day of the week to worship. There God meets us faithfully with a powerful, life-giving word and nourishes us through bread and wine, the very presence of Jesus. We sing praises to God, lift up prayers for people in pain and places in conflict, extend a sign of peace to one another, and offer for God's use gifts that God has first given us.

Coming together in worship and being released into the world for service--it's as natural, we feel, as inhaling and exhaling. It's how we breathe. We believe these two movements--worship and service--make for an abundant life, a life of purpose, generosity and hope. Please join us any Sunday and give it a try. Believe it or not, there is a part for you to play in the larger story of God, and maybe we can help each other play those roles to the fullest.

Mark Williamson


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